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Thank you for visiting my Publications page. The focus of this page is fairly simple, to share content and knowledge. I aim to post as much useful content as possible, at least twice a week. Each tech topic may vary in industry , class or demographic, however my goal is to create content that reaches a variety of audiences. If you enjoy my content please like, follow or subscribe. Please consider checking out my Website and becoming a Patron. You can always make a medium account and receive updates on the latest news on whatever topics interest you. Medium has been kind enough to add “Lists” and bookmarks for non-premium users, so you can bookmark my stories and add them to a list! If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me directly. Again thank you.



First, let’s begin by titillating on the topic of “climate change”. We need to understand the importance of it but, also how what is really happening and just what our mainstream media outlets tell us. I’ve been asked more than I count on one hand about my position on climate…

Ok, I will be completely blunt here, this was one of the most genius cases of espionage I have ever seen in my career! Let’s take a look at Frances Haugen’s story as of this week. Her testament is that she has been working behind the scenes at Facebook for…

The harsh reality for a has-been and mediocre programmers
Let’s be honest about what really happens when you sit down in your work area. You pull in your chair, click on your files and open a new text document in a code editor. Then you stare at it for about 20…


1. Introduction

2. Hardware Topology

3. Circuitry

4. Soldering

5. Conclusion


If you have any interest in how a PC, mobile device on any electronic works for that matter, look no further. I am going to break down a few, but not all of the components of a motherboard and how software interacts with hardware. Follow along, because I will be…

Zero to Hero

Let’s talk about Cybersecurity. Aside from the fact that over 2020–2021 it has practically become a household name, it also sends a chill down the backs of hackers that have no idea just how crazy things get for them when they think they are getting away with committing Cyber-crime. Sometimes…

Before jumping right in there are a couple of things we need to understand. First, pen-testing is not beginner-friendly, it takes years of practice or a mind that can learn the ins and outs quickly and efficiently. …

SonarQube, an intelligence tool that helps programmers analyze their work by assessing the quality of the code for bugs.

Install and Configuration

What you need:

1. OpenJDK 11 or higher
2. SonarQube and scanner
3. A file to scan

First we need to download Download SonarQube directly from this link.

It comes as no surprise that T-mobile has yet again been made to look like a careless provider for its customers. This is the 6th major attack on T-Mobile servers in the last decade and this latest data breach has landed right in the middle of one of the worst…

The Raspberry Pi device, in my opinion, is one of the most useful tools anyone can have in their toolbox. I’d like to demonstrate how to install and configure your networking equipment at home using a Raspberry Pi device and open-source software. …

Vincent Alexandr

My name is Vincent. I’m a security & tech researcher Website: Patreon:

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